Nesting Ikea Style

This weekend we decided we could wait no longer to start making this house (er, condo) a home. Like all cool kids do, we spent our Saturday getting crazy and the Canton Ikea.

Brian was über excited to have a task at hand and went to assembling our new furniture with a fervor I haven’t seen before… And 6 hours later, voila! We have a new tv stand and cabinate for our pretty new things!

Our fur baby couldn’t help but offer a paw-

Getting ready to assemble!
Getting ready to assemble! Ugly old couch in the background has got to go.
Brian and Brinkley working hard.
Brian and Brinkley working hard. Excuse the fuzzy photo!
The cutest helper in town!
The cutest helper in town!
One done. Brinks is taking a little break.
One done. Brinks is taking a little break.

We went with the Hemnes Living rooms series. This is the 2 drawer version of the tv stand. The cabinet options were many and we took forever choosing this beauty with a big space at the bottom for hiding kitchen equipment until we have a bigger kitchen.

#2 all done and filled with our special things!
#2 all done and filled with our special things! I don’t know why my phone is taking such grainy pics…
All done!! We still need to arrange things and get the matching bookshelf but it's out of stock :-(
All done!! We still need to arrange things and get the matching bookshelf but it’s out of stock 😦

I love the white wood and I can’t wait to switch out our dingy old miss matched pieces for more pretty bright new ones! The bookshelf unit we will be getting is out of stock because of supplier issues, but hopefully we’ll be able to pick this beauty up soon!

Hemnes Bookshelf (Image via Ikea)
Hemnes Bookshelf (Image via Ikea)

Only the rest of everything to go before this place is looking in tip top shape! We’ll start with cleaning up after Hurricane Wedding.



Leon & Lulu

The first time I noticed this cute little storefront I had a feeling it was my kind of place, so I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to pull over and take a look inside. I am so glad I did.

This place has so much character and so many interesting/cool/cute/creative pieces of furniture/accessories/lamps/gadgets, not to mention it is housed in what used to be a the Ambassador roller rink.

Old school roller skates ring the large show room walls along with the old hockey score board.

It’s awesome the way the owners have left elements of the old rink throughout the store. One of the shopkeepers told me that they left the original flooring in and the roller hockey score board still hangs over the door to the stock room.

As a severe Pinterest addict, I couldn’t help thinking “ooooh, I’d so love to pin that!” the whole time I was in the store. If my phone hadn’t been dying I would have taken so many more pictures just to remember what I want to save my money to go back and buy! Alas, I was able to take a few.

One of the many awesome lamps.
Chair that caught my eye.

This lamp, made from a large glass jug was awesome. I want this in a bedroom with distressed white painted wood furniture…

I keep picturing this chair in a walk-in closet in a cool loft apartment. It’s a little funky. I like it.

I want this square clock in my kitchen (well, in my imaginary perfect kitchen). It’s hard to see the whole face of the clock, but the overall look was very cool. I love the shape of the hands.

Square Clock = Badass clock

And once again, we have the purple faux velvet furniture that I am so partial to. I’m so tempted to go back and try to bargain (even on sale it’s about $1500.00 and let’s be honest, I need a car more). But hey, a gurl can dream..

Love this purple couch (minus the flowery throw pillows)
Full view of the purple couch. I want this.

The crowning jewel of my little adventure at Leon & Lulu’s? These adorable ceramic white doves. I brought home three (two large and one small) to hang somewhere in the Beau and my bedroom. I love them!  Someday if I’m designing a nursery I want to hang a whole fleet of these babies above the crib and/or changing table.

The pretty ceramic doves hanging in the store that will now be hanging in my bedroom.

Moving Day & Nesting

Mixed feelings of excitement and nostalgia simmer just under the surface today as I prepare to spend the evening finishing packing up my little Ann Arbor studio…

Sunset in Ann Arbor, Feb 2011 via R.S.S!

The Nostalgic Part:

This place has been good to me. I’m within walking distance of the State Street shops, the Farmers market and campus. Sure, there have been hassles in living right in the thick of student life (the drama/musical neighbors haven’t helped). And I suspect that there are creatures living in the walls here… But, that being said I still loved my little home.

I should have taken more pictures before taking my things down off of the walls. I loved the way my black picture frames looked up against the vintage-butter-yellow color of the walls (that I painted with the help of my Mom and her friend). This picture really doesn’t do it justice, but it’s the only one I’ve got…

Studio walls (not the best angle) image by R.S.S!

I’ve really enjoyed having my own little place, but as you might expect, I think I’ll enjoy having just a bit more room. So, that’s the nostalgic piece, I’m gonna miss Ann Arbor.

The Exciting Part:

Saturday, The Beau and his dad will be showing up bright and early with a Penske truck to carry me off to a fabulous future in this lovely abode:

Ours is the top balcony. Image by R.S.S!

I’ve been obsessing and collecting photos of interior design inspiration for days on Pinterest and I am just itching to let my decorating mind run wild on a blank slate.

Now, to be realistic I have big ideas and very little budget, so most of this is going to take a while (room-by-room, inch-by-inch). At this point the only furniture we have are two beds, one dresser, an old (not very pretty) couch, two black leather ottoman/trunks and some plastic storage drawers…. this should be interesting.

The new place is an older apartment building converted into condos and our unit is a two bedroom with updated kitchen and closets (SCORE!). I plan on updating throughout the nesting process, but here’s my wish list for the record.

Must Haves for the New Place:

  • A statement chair for the living room that can play off of the colors we choose, and add interest to the room. Like this:
Z Gallerie Purple Chair
  • A simple area rug I would love something lightly patterned in grey.  This will depend on the furniture. Maybe a nice neutral jute rug.
  • A long and low media unit that can also hold some books and accessories. I haven’t been able to find an example yet of the kind of piece I want… but when I do I’ll be sure to share.
  • A dramatic architects floor lamp (not sure if that describes what I’m thinking of, but I can picture it)…maybe something like this from West Elm
West Elm Pleated Shade floor lamp via Pronto
  • A new Couch. This is going to be essential in the  living room, but I would love for it to be toned out in color so that the rest can pop. I know white is unrealistic, but I’d love a deep, comfy white couch that I could clutter with textural throw pillows. Sorta like this, only with more interesting pillows:
Love this living room. Great example of the patterns and neutrals mix I want to shoot for. Image via

I will complete the want list on another post for the bedrooms and the dining room spaces. I’m particularly into the idea of having a workspace in the guest room for crafting and such. Until then, happy moving to us and anyone else making a summer move!