Leon & Lulu

The first time I noticed this cute little storefront I had a feeling it was my kind of place, so I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to pull over and take a look inside. I am so glad I did.

This place has so much character and so many interesting/cool/cute/creative pieces of furniture/accessories/lamps/gadgets, not to mention it is housed in what used to be a the Ambassador roller rink.

Old school roller skates ring the large show room walls along with the old hockey score board.

It’s awesome the way the owners have left elements of the old rink throughout the store. One of the shopkeepers told me that they left the original flooring in and the roller hockey score board still hangs over the door to the stock room.

As a severe Pinterest addict, I couldn’t help thinking “ooooh, I’d so love to pin that!” the whole time I was in the store. If my phone hadn’t been dying I would have taken so many more pictures just to remember what I want to save my money to go back and buy! Alas, I was able to take a few.

One of the many awesome lamps.
Chair that caught my eye.

This lamp, made from a large glass jug was awesome. I want this in a bedroom with distressed white painted wood furniture…

I keep picturing this chair in a walk-in closet in a cool loft apartment. It’s a little funky. I like it.

I want this square clock in my kitchen (well, in my imaginary perfect kitchen). It’s hard to see the whole face of the clock, but the overall look was very cool. I love the shape of the hands.

Square Clock = Badass clock

And once again, we have the purple faux velvet furniture that I am so partial to. I’m so tempted to go back and try to bargain (even on sale it’s about $1500.00 and let’s be honest, I need a car more). But hey, a gurl can dream..

Love this purple couch (minus the flowery throw pillows)
Full view of the purple couch. I want this.

The crowning jewel of my little adventure at Leon & Lulu’s? These adorable ceramic white doves. I brought home three (two large and one small) to hang somewhere in the Beau and my bedroom. I love them!  Someday if I’m designing a nursery I want to hang a whole fleet of these babies above the crib and/or changing table.

The pretty ceramic doves hanging in the store that will now be hanging in my bedroom.