Two more weeks of Maternity leave

Arielle is 12 weeks old already. It’s amazing how much she’s grown and changed before our eyes. And it’s amazing how fast we got here. Wasn’t she born like a week ago?!? 

And with that, the saddest countdown has begun… I can feel it in that lump in my throat and the urgency to soak it all in just a little more. I’ve been through this once before with Ziva, and it’s no easier the second time around. 14 weeks is a blessing (especially for an American company), but that’s about 38 weeks less than my heart can stand. 

It’s almost harder the second time around… I know what I’ll be missing this time. I know how fast the months turn into years and the baby cheeks melt away to toddler antics. I know how much changes week to week and month to month, and how if you even blink they turn into a whole new person. 

So, for now I’ll soak in the warmth of baby snuggles and all day cuddle sessions. I’ll hold her just a little longer and entertain her baby convos as long as she wants to babble in my direction… and love her just as hard as I can every minute I can. 

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