Nesting Ikea Style

This weekend we decided we could wait no longer to start making this house (er, condo) a home. Like all cool kids do, we spent our Saturday getting crazy and the Canton Ikea.

Brian was über excited to have a task at hand and went to assembling our new furniture with a fervor I haven’t seen before… And 6 hours later, voila! We have a new tv stand and cabinate for our pretty new things!

Our fur baby couldn’t help but offer a paw-

Getting ready to assemble!
Getting ready to assemble! Ugly old couch in the background has got to go.
Brian and Brinkley working hard.
Brian and Brinkley working hard. Excuse the fuzzy photo!
The cutest helper in town!
The cutest helper in town!
One done. Brinks is taking a little break.
One done. Brinks is taking a little break.

We went with the Hemnes Living rooms series. This is the 2 drawer version of the tv stand. The cabinet options were many and we took forever choosing this beauty with a big space at the bottom for hiding kitchen equipment until we have a bigger kitchen.

#2 all done and filled with our special things!
#2 all done and filled with our special things! I don’t know why my phone is taking such grainy pics…
All done!! We still need to arrange things and get the matching bookshelf but it's out of stock :-(
All done!! We still need to arrange things and get the matching bookshelf but it’s out of stock 😦

I love the white wood and I can’t wait to switch out our dingy old miss matched pieces for more pretty bright new ones! The bookshelf unit we will be getting is out of stock because of supplier issues, but hopefully we’ll be able to pick this beauty up soon!

Hemnes Bookshelf (Image via Ikea)
Hemnes Bookshelf (Image via Ikea)

Only the rest of everything to go before this place is looking in tip top shape! We’ll start with cleaning up after Hurricane Wedding.



Holiday Finest

If I had a glamorous NYE party to go to, what would I wear? Red seems to be on everyone’s minds these days across blogs and magazines, and I’m falling for the deep cranberry, crimson, fire engine and cherry hues.
Holiday Finest

Bridal Shoes

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.  Now for the newest of wedding trends, the all important wedding shoe!

Nina ‘Fonda’ Sandal (Image via Nordstrom)

I love a beautiful shoe, but I’m not afraid to admit that they aren’t on the top of my priority list when it comes to our wedding budget. I knew I wanted them to look special, to be gold and glittery to complement the champaign/macadamia colored bridesmaids dresses, and that I didn’t want to spend a fortune.

When my lovely bridesmaid Jes and I ventured out to Somerset Mall I was drawn like a moth to the flame to the expensive and glittering shoes of Kate Spade, Stuart Weitzman, and Jimmy Choo. Though they are beautiful and leave nothing to desire…besides a bigger budget… I just couldn’t get comfortable with the idea of treating myself in the shoe department.

After exploring the mall for what seemed like ages, we finally landed in Nordstrom (which was having it’s half-yearly sale for women’s apparel). I’d like to think it was destiny. Immediately I discovered an elegant, spectacular and glittery sandal that was, above all else, comfortable, beautiful and affordable! This Nina ‘Fonda’ Shoe will be LOVELY with my pouffy, glamourous dress and will be less of a challenge to walk in on the stone patio where our reception will be than the extra tall and thin stilettos I’d been trying on all day. I’m in LOVE.

Nina ‘Fonda’ Sandal (Image via Nordstrom)



Farewell to Fall

Farewell to Fall

Marc Jacobs chiffon top
$228 –

Chunky cardigan
$125 –

H&M flap jeans
£30 –

$50 –

Jigsaw hammered jewelry
£39 –

Jasper Johns, Flag 1954
$199 –

Glitter iPhone case
$25 –