Holiday Finest

If I had a glamorous NYE party to go to, what would I wear? Red seems to be on everyone’s minds these days across blogs and magazines, and I’m falling for the deep cranberry, crimson, fire engine and cherry hues.
Holiday Finest

Farewell to Fall

Farewell to Fall

Marc Jacobs chiffon top
$228 –

Chunky cardigan
$125 –

H&M flap jeans
£30 –

$50 –

Jigsaw hammered jewelry
£39 –

Jasper Johns, Flag 1954
$199 –

Glitter iPhone case
$25 –

Santa Fe Sunday – Summer Western Style

Santa Fe Sunday

Strapless summer dress
24 –

Old Navy short boots
$40 –

Kenneth Cole turquoise jewelry
$38 –

Madewell panama hat
$58 –

Gucci sunglasses
250 –
OK, I’ll admit this outfit doesn’t have any actual connection to Santa Fe… other then the unbelievable sense of dry western heat it invokes for me. I don’t have too much of a problem with the white winters here in Michigan (except for when they drag out into spring), but the humidity is harder to adjust to (and dress for).
I think I could take on the heat at least long enough to go pick up something cold from Sbucks in this outfit. I love the turquoise bracelet  with the panama hat, and the flora print of the dress is so feminine. I haven’t busted out my cowboy boots at all this year (seems less of a natural choice here then it did back out west).
Of course, to top of this relatively inexpensive set, I’m loving those Gucci glasses. This fit is making me want to road trip. Preferably somewhere less like a steam bath then this muggy weather. Until then, …
Happy Friday!