Polar Vortex Days

Happy Polar Vortex days! Otherwise known as snow days around here. Nothing like being a shut-in for days and days with my Beau and pup!

After a low-key couple weeks full of days off, work from home and general laziness, I was more than ready to brave the record low temps and ice coated roads to get a little time in at the office. Most of the Metro Detroit region seemed to take the snow day yesterday, but today it was back to the grind for many of us, despite the dangerously low temps.

My eyes are cold. Image by Ready Set Sarah
My eyes are cold. It’s warmed up to -2! Image by Ready Set Sarah

I was born in northern New Hampshire, but never in my adult memory do I recall feeling this level of cold. It’s cold enough to make your eyes sting like pin pricks just walking to the car. This photo round-up pretty much describes what we are going through- http://mashable.com/2014/01/07/polar-vortex-photos/?utm_cid=mash-com-fb-main-link

I’ve read that at temperatures this cold (below – 10 degrees at times and wind chills of as low as -40), the salt we usually use to melt the ice on the roads isn’t as effective. That helps explain the slow motion sliding-to-a-stop I experienced all the way to work.

Even though it’s annoying to have to take 10 minutes bundling and layering just to go outside, even though I miss walking around outside, even though I MISS MEXICO….there are a few things I love about a real, snowy, frigid winter:

1) Dressing up our fur baby and watching her frolic in the deep snow

2) Seeing the way the landscape changes after the snow fall and wind.

Snow drift. Image by Ready Set Sarah

3) The stillness and quiet in the middle of the storm. Snowstorms are a silent, beautiful thing.

4) Basking in the warmth of home, safe and cozy, watching the snow float outside.

5) Binge watching TV series, reading and playing online without feeling guilty!

6) Getting to say “Polar Vortex” in everyday conversation like we’re in a sci-fi action flick (This whole list was just so I could say it again).

Wedding Planning at the Airport

I’m headed to Atlanta for the week for what I hope will be an awesome health communication conference. Exciting right?

After nearly missing my flight due to takeoff time confusion (you mean my flight is at noon? Not 2pm? Crap!!!) and a harrowing drive from Royal Oak to DTW; I made it to my seat just in time to learn the plane was broken. Sad. face. Sarah.

We sat patiently on the plane as our takeoff went from 12pm to 1:30, then from 1:30 to 3pm… They finally let us off to get food only to ask us to get back on the plane to grab our stuff and head to the other side of the airport. And now, as I wait for a 5pm flight to Atlanta what else should I do but plan my wedding?

Thank you Delta. Thanks.

So- here are some inspiration boards I have been piecing together with Picstitch using images I have found on Pinterest. Here is a link to my pinterest board where you can find links to all of the image sources (these are not my images).

Bridesmaids and Groomsmen (Images from multiple sources, see Pinterest here)

I really want a warm feel for the wedding, classy but not uptight. We chose a Wtoo bridesmaid dress Macadamia (tan/champaign colored) for my ladies, which means the men will be in rich navy blue suits instead of tan linen as Brian had hoped…. But I think it looks fabulous!

Since more than half of our guests will be coming from out-of-state (the wedding is in Berkeley, CA where I’m, from Brian’s from Michigan) I want to draw in a few little nods to our home states. One of the ideas I’ve had for this is to find vintage travel postcards for Michigan and California cities to use in place of table numbers. Brian says if we do this the bridal party is sitting at “Detroit“. I’m down with that.

Greetings from California- Image from here
Greetings from Detroit (Image from here)

My mother and I both love cobalt blue glass. I thought it would be cool to make our centerpieces from little clusters of different size and shaped blue glass containers (bottles, vases, pitchers, jars), and to fill them with fluffy flowers like peonies and vintage roses in white, pale yellow and pale orange. Like this-

Potential table settings for the wedding (Images via Pinterest)

Oh look, now the sign says 6pm takeoff. I’ll be done planning before I reach Atlanta at this pace! Ok, I was nearly done already, but you’ve got to look for silver linings right? Thank goodness for iPhones and charging stations.

I’m really liking how the blues, yellows, golds, oranges and tans are all coming together. It will all go nicely with my dress which we found when my mom was in town last week! It’s a stunner if I might say so myself… and it is much more dramatic than I ever would have thought I’d choose. Since I can’t show off the dress, I’ll just share a few pics from the dress shopping adventure.

My dress shopping crew! Mom, Bride (me with raccoon eyes), Bridesmaid Teja (Image by Ready Set Sarah)

I ended up falling in love with the first dress I pulled off the rack and tried on a The Wedding Shoppe on Woodward. It was meant to be! The consultant, Natalie, at the Wedding Shoppe was awesome. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for a wedding dress in the Detroit area. When we went back to take pictures of the dress the next day I noticed the adorable sign welcoming the brides with appointments! I’m the first one on the list!

The welcome sign for ladies with appointments at the shop. (Image by Ready.Set.Sarah)

Update- I finally made it to my hotel in Atlanta at 10pm… that’s a 12 hour travel day for what should have been a 2 hour flight. I could have driven here at that rate and seen a whole lot more of the country!

12 hours and 13 minutes drive from Detroit to Atlanta? I’ll take it (Image by Ready.Set.Sarah)

Lake Living- 4th of July 2012

Nothing like a day on Lake St. Clair to celebrate independence. I wish every hump day involved hours of swimming and sunning!

4th of July boating fun- yes I’m wearing a swim suit.
This one cracks me up. This is what I look like after playing like a fish in the lake. Brian looks amused as well.

Happy Summer!

Mutt March with Nelson & Co.

Nelson, a beauty named Sam, and little Ella Deville at the Michigan Humane Society Mutt March – Image by Ready.Set.Sarah!

PUPPIES! I just got home from a sun and slobber filled morning at the Michigan Humane Society’s Mutt March. The Mutt March is an annual event held on the sprawling green grounds of the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House estate in Grosse Pointe Shores, MI on Lake St. Clair. This was our second year walking with Nelson, and this year he brought his little buddy Ella Deville along for the fun.

Here are some glamour shots of Nelson, the brindle French Bulldog that stole my heart-

Nelson the Frenchie – Image by Ready.Set.Sarah!

Now, it’s hard to admit, but the landscape sort of stole the show from our four-legged friends. The Edsel and Eleanor Ford house sits on a large piece of land dotted with weeping willows and tall old trees. Designed by Albert Kahn, the houses on the grounds are all done in the style of Cotswold village cottages (according to their website). The whole place gives me a sense of having stepped back in time.

Houses on the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House estate – the pictures hardly even capture how lovely it really is. Images by Ready.Set.Sarah!

Last year during the walk they were taking down what remained of a wedding reception and even half disassembled the scene was impressive – chandeliers hanging from trees, crisp white lounge areas tucked into bright green trees. This would be an AMAZING place for engagement or wedding photos if you are looking for something in the Detroit area 😉

The details in the architecture are hard not to drool over, the stone facades caped in ivy, the rounded doors and tiled roofs. One of my favorite structures is the gate house –

The beautifully design gate house. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah!

The grounds were designed by landscape architect Jens Jensen. After finishing a lap with the Mutt March we decided to spend a bit more time exploring the paths along the lake. I would love to come back and spend a day picnicking along the water, there were perfect spots to set up a blanket all over the place!

The trees and views, this place is lush and serene. Images by Ready.Set.Sarah!

I can’t wait until next years Mutt March… and maybe by then we will have our very own little furry friend to take along! Fingers crossed.