Muffins, Mimosas & Football

Weekends, the best of days.

What more are Sundays for than long walks with your pup, baking, and watching football? It may be early fall (or technically late summer) but we are settling in to Michigan’s finest season in style. Yesterday my alma mater #BeatND while we watched from my sister-in-laws birthday dinner celebration. Today, we are watching our Detroit Lions in style while enjoying delicious healthy muffins and even more delicious Mimosas. Ah weekends, I love you so.

Cockapoo Brinkley Says GO BLUE! (image by Ready Set Sarah)
Cockapoo Brinkley Says GO BLUE! (image by Ready Set Sarah)

Before the game today we took Brinkley for a long walk around the neighborhood. We had planned on putting her in her Lions jersey, but discovered that she is nearly twice the size she was last football season and will definitely need a new Jersey this year. I mean, a girl needs a jersey if she is going to watch football with her daddy, right?

Baby Brinkley in her Lions Jersey

Sunday’s are usually my meal prep day for the week (when I’m being good). So I spent the beginning of todays game making Banana Oatmeal Breakfast muffins that I discovered on  Pinterest (here). I’ve made them once before and they taste and smell amazing! Full disclosure they stick to the muffin liners but are delicious enough that I don’t really mind. I used Trader Joe’s Gluten Free rolled oats and I added pecan pieces and some cocoa powder to personalize the recipe. They are serious yum.

Banana Oatmeal Muffins (Image by Ready Set Sarah)
Banana Oatmeal Muffins (Image by Ready Set Sarah)

To top off this relaxing afternoon, Brian suggested we pop open some wedding celebratory Champaign and make Mimosas. I’m telling you, these muffins pair very well with orange juice and Champaign. Happy Sunday and Happy Football day!



Brinkley Boo the Cockapoo

My heart has officially been stolen. Sound the alarms, there is one cute thief in the house!

The picture that started it all. I found her online… apparently that’s where I find all my loves. LOL. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
We brought her home on Monday, July 16th from out in New Haven, MI. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
On our way to get pet supplies! Brinkley and her Daddy. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
Brinkley Lubetsky’s hot pink tag. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
Brinkley’s first bath. I can’t resist those puppy dog eyes! Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
Working from home just got a little more fun 🙂 Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
Love. mage by Ready.Set.Sarah
Brinkley, welcome to the family. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah