Brinkley Boo the Cockapoo

My heart has officially been stolen. Sound the alarms, there is one cute thief in the house!

The picture that started it all. I found her online… apparently that’s where I find all my loves. LOL. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
We brought her home on Monday, July 16th from out in New Haven, MI. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
On our way to get pet supplies! Brinkley and her Daddy. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
Brinkley Lubetsky’s hot pink tag. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
Brinkley’s first bath. I can’t resist those puppy dog eyes! Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
Working from home just got a little more fun 🙂 Image by Ready.Set.Sarah
Love. mage by Ready.Set.Sarah
Brinkley, welcome to the family. Image by Ready.Set.Sarah

3 thoughts on “Brinkley Boo the Cockapoo

  1. Brinkley is so cute. I like the photo of the chew tog. I have schnoodle, and some her favorite toys are old socks. She really enjoys untying things like a knotted or balled up sock. It’s amazing how quickly she can get something to unravel.

    1. That’s so cute! Our Brinkley loves socks too. To keep her occupied at home all day I tie her favorite socks around a small cardboard box with treats in it so that she can pull it apart. She loves shredding cardboard so I prefer to give her something than let her go searching for something on her own. I hope she gets out of that phase soon!

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