All that Glitters

Must have-Bridal Shower Brunches in Blush, Coral, and Champaign Gold

With all of the responsibility and choice making that comes with planning a wedding (no matter how big or small), you might think I’d be glad the bridal shower is something out of my hands…. alas, it has become my obsession.

I just can’t seem to get enough of the über feminine, sparkling world of the bridal shower. Whether a tea party motif with stiff collars and pearls, or a colorful “new years eve gone glitter and rose on a sunday morning,” I’m in love and it feels so good.

The color scheme of my heart’s desire. (Image from an endless tumblr stream of reposts… if it’s yours please let me know!)

My heart is particularly happy when multiple of my favorite pretty-girl perks are combined. Here’s just a little taste-

I’m seeing gold (Image via Marcus Design, Inc. )
Pink and Gold Table Setting (image via 100 Layer Cake Blog)
Tea Party Bridal Shower (image via Martha Stewart Weddings)
With a ribbon on top. It’s all about the ribbons. Particularly wide pink or wide black ribbons. (image via Tumblr unknown)
Glamorous cake (Image via Pink Peach Cakes)
Blush, coral and white paper streamers. And darling we must have the Champaign!
(Image via Martha Stewart Weddings)

Really, the Champaign is a must. Pink Champaign, Champaign with berries, mimosas bubbling with sparkling happiness and morning sunshine.

I can’t wait to plan one of these lady-fests one day. Oh unsuspecting bride, you will be thrilled 🙂

xoxo, Sarah

Swedish Crayfish Party!

Ever heard of a Swedish Crayfish party? I hadn’t either until I started dating Brian a few years ago and began hanging out around his Swedish childhood friend Conrad. From what I understand this kind of party is about eating lots of bottom crawlers and making toasts, calling out “SKOAL!” before each one. I kid, I kid, well sort of… there are also lots of songs that end with “SKOAL!” and a shot.

Now, I’ll admit that while I did get a bit tipsy I mostly sipped my shot with each skoal, and I didn’t actually try a crawfish… but it was still an awesome party with a great backyard party atmosphere. Conrad got married last summer and I think the new wifey might have had something to do with the pin-worthy decor ;-).

Swedish Crayfish Pary (Images by ReadySetSarah)

I’ll let trusty old Wikipedia tell you a little more about it:

“A crayfish party is a traditional summertime eating and drinking celebration in the Nordic countries. The tradition originated in Sweden, where a crayfish party is called a kräftskiva. The tradition has also spread to Finland via the Swedish-speaking population of that country.

Crayfish parties are generally held during August, a tradition that started because crayfish harvesting in Sweden was, for most of the 20th century, legally limited to late summer. Today, the “kräftpremiär” date in early August has no legal significance. Dining is traditionally outdoors, but in practice the party is often driven indoors by bad weather or aggressive mosquitoes. Customary party accessories are comical paper hats, paper tablecloths, paper lanterns (often depicting the Man in the Moon), and bibs. A rowdy atmosphere prevails amid noisy eating and traditional drinking songs (snapsvisa). The alcohol consumption is often high, especially when compared to the amount of food actually eaten (crayfish shelling is tedious work).

It is culturally correct to suck the juice out of the crayfish before shelling it.” – Wikipedia

I think I know who really enjoyed the party though…

Frenchie at the party (Image by Ready.Set.Sarah)

It certainly wasn’t these guys…

Crayfish pile (Image by Ready.Set.Sarah.)