Happy Thanksgivukkah!


Today is a day for being thankful. I love celebrating Thanksgiving, and combining it with all of the traditions of Hanukkah only makes the pot that much sweeter. I had planned make sweet potato latkes this year, taking advantage of the combined traditions, but instead I opted to take it easy and enjoy some good puppy lovin’. Brian’s cousins are staying with us from Chicago and they brought their furry little dogger Zola. I’m in puppy heaven.


I am so grateful for puppies. Here are a few other things I am ever so grateful for:

  • The extended family that I inherited when I married Brian. With my family spread far and wide (but mostly in California and New Jersey), it’s nice to have a new extended network of family to enjoy the holidays with.
  • The Detroit Lions taking home a win today! It’s a Hanukkah miracle! They haven’t won on Thanksgiving in a decade.
  • Facetime. Now that my family all have it, I love getting some facetime in with them. Especially when we are this far apart on the holidays.
  • Having what we need today and everyday. I know that isn’t true for many people, and I am incredibly grateful for what we have.

Lastly, today and everyday I am grateful to have so many wonderful people and puppies in my life to love.

Happy Thanksgivukkah from me to you!



PS- One more of Zola for the road


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