Writer’s Block

I haven’t written in a while. You might have noticed these posts have gotten few and far between. Why? Well, it’s not for lack of content! This last year was out of control with big, wedding centered, life changing moments.Perfect blog fodder right? So why haven’t I been writing?


1) Time. It keeps moving faster and I seem to be slowing down! Some how there just seems to be no time left at the end of the day… Barely enough for family time and working out (which has been happening less and less often).

2) Doubt. Will I sound contrite? Boring? Selfish? Whiney? Do I really have something to say? How can I be vulnerable but not open myself up to too much ridicule? Who am I kidding, someone would have to read to ridicule!

3) Mess. My house is quite often a mess, and life is quite often messy. One of the things I love about many of the bloggers I follow is how they capture a picturesque admirable lifestyle I would love to attain… Who wants to see a pic of my life cluttered by….life?!

4) Spontaneity and attention span. It’s hard to keep it real when the big things are happening fast, the small things carry big meaning and I don’t have a plan to capture my thoughts! It’s hard work to take the time to sit down, process, reflect, and find meaning in everyday happenings.

5) Discipline. While I’ve never lacked passion I often lack discipline. Even with the utmost passion, it takes discipline and direction to funnel that passion into action and success.

And there you have it. Your cards are on the table, writer’s block! Well played.

Here’s the thing: Time is what I make of it, use it well and with discipline and all doubt will begin to fade. The mess is part of life and can be cleared with a little attention and planning. Spontaneity is the stuff of a happy life, and a happy life is worth writing about. With a little discipline, I’ll get it all down!

Happy Monday!

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