Trying Again

My Sunday night words of wisdom last week must have been in the back of my mind as I finally got the nerve to speak up and get the ball rolling towards some change for (hopefully) the better.


Sometimes speaking up for what you need is scary… especially at work. I am hoping and praying that this is all happening for a reason, that the challenges I’m facing now are meant to point me in the direction of something wonderful.

Brian and I chose our wedding photographer last week. She’s awesome and talented, perky and warm. When we asked her how she got started the story she told me hit a chord deep in me that has been longing for something happier and more fulfilling.

Long story short she originally studied social work, but when she was planning her own wedding she was inspired to make a change and took some community college classes in photography and that training combined with her talent has blossomed in just 4 years into a strong business.

I found myself jealous and inspired by how she turned something fun and creative into what she gets to do each day. It made me sad that I haven’t been enjoying the work I once thought I loved. All of this climaxed last week in a way that felt like fate pointing me in a better direction… And I went with it. I can only keep my head up and eyes open and hope that everything comes together positively.

And off we go, into another week. This time with a little more hope to accompany the nerves.



Over the Hump

Best going-away / random gift from my coworkers today! Images by Ready.Set.Sarah!

Some days at work are crazy. Like today for instance, we have a bevy of young interns that arrived on Monday and I’ve spent a lot of the week getting them oriented and on track with work to do. We are also in the middle of launching focus group recruitment for one study, and we are ramping up progress on my other study all at the same time. To top it all of, I’m in the mad dash to get ahead of my to-do list before Friday since The Beau and I are HEADED TO CALIFORNIA!

So, my coworker friends couldn’t have chosen a better day to surprise me with this adorable, old school California history book! Some hump days are more of a take off ramp. Gotta love my girls.