3 Pregnant Short Girl Problems

1) We aren’t getting taller, just wider. We still need short/ankle length pants! If you think finding regular pants in the right length is hard in normal pants, good luck with preggo pants!

2) Realizing how often I lean on my tummy to reach things… like the faucet in the kitchen. It just seems to get further away each week. Not to mention that I now wipe the counter with the underside of my belly in the bathroom when I reach for the soap!

3) There’s not much room to grow in this itty bitty frame. Hello quickly expanding waistline (and everything-else-line).

Sometimes it can be funny having a basketball under your shirt, and I’m sure some of these are things that even our long legged friends experience during their pregnancies. I’ll admit, as tough as some things are, I’m enjoying the journey as we get closer to D-day (delivery day).