11 Weeks, 11 Things to Love

Baby Z is 11 weeks old today! Here are 11 things I love about my 11 week old:

  1. Her gummy smile. You have to earn it with coos and some quality eye contact, but once she gets going it’s pure joy.
  2. Her bear hug stretches, reaching both arms up over her head and scrunching up her face.
  3. Her skeptical expression… All of her expressions really. Her pout is killer.
  4. The way she clings to my shirt and brushes my chest gently as she nurses.
  5. the soft downy hair on the back of her head where it spirals in a cowlick
  6. When she giggles in her sleep… the counterpart of which are her sleep sobs. Those are truly heartbreaking.
  7. The weight of her spread out on me, arms splayed as she falls asleep.
  8. The way she uses her feet to play- pushing and pulling with her toes, thrusting her legs forward and back.
  9. The feeling of her little hand holding on as she sleeps, arm wrapped around me shoulder.
  10. When she clicks her tongue as she cracks a smile and squints one eye.
  11. Her big blue eyes. So deep and bright, looking up at me lovingly or with curiosity as she nurses.

I could go on and on… ❤

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