Creating vs. Consuming

I’m a hardcore consumer. I peruse the Internet with a vigorous appetite for information and stimulating imagery. I meander through grocery market aisles full of fresh, healthy and delicious looking items ripe for my picking. Like most people I know, a trip to target often turns into a full on shopping spree before I can even get a handle on what’s happening. My closet is busting at the seams with cheaply made “disposable” fashion and only a few long term items I’ve collected over the years…

With all of this consuming, I have started to wonder what I really have to offer. I’m not into doomsday prepping or anything… But I have begun to wonder what I would do if everything were different and I couldn’t rely on consumerism to satisfy my needs. I have friends who bake from scratch, can foods, sew, and build things. I see these skills and I think, “I can manage social media outreach and write health messages!” Womp womp.

Not saying my skills aren’t awesome. It’s just that most of my skills are Internet based or somewhat intangible. I want to be able to create real lasting durable or consumable things. I want to know that I can produce as much as I consume. I don’t want to feel so helplessly reliant on the creations of other people and consumer culture. I especially don’t want to feel so tied to my income. So reliant on having enough money to purchase everything I need. I want freedom to fend for myself just a little bit more.

So what to do?

Rather than long for things I haven’t learned or can’t do, I’m going to start teaching myself.

I wonder should I start with hand sewing or jump right in with machine sewing classes? Any suggestions?

In the meantime, can I get an Amen for Pinterest and being able to find how-to guides and awesome recipes all day and night!?!


One thought on “Creating vs. Consuming

  1. I applaud your efforts to do for yourself, and to learn the skills necessary to pursue more self reliance!

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