Toughing it Out

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Sometimes in life you run into a personality that just doesn’t mesh well with yours. It’s the worst when this is someone you have to collaborate with on a regular basis, or someone who makes you doubt your own capabilities. I’ve taken to having the Sunday-night-worries each week about how I will deal with the impending challenging conversations and tasks with a sense of calm skill, confidence, grace and dedication.

To help prep myself to deal with the coming week I’m going to share a few of the (un-vetted) quotes that I aim to remember and live by during my most challenging days…

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I keep this one over my desk to remind myself when I most need it-

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I want to hang this where I can see it – Source Unknown

This one is important. It’s not about what I think of the situation – it’s about how I behave when confronted with difficult situations.

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The hardest part.  Image from

I feel a bit more equipped already. I may need to make a habit of this on some Sundays to get my anxiety in check.

Have a fabulous week!


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