California dreaming

Currently Missing California (Image by: unknown)

I love many things about my new home state of Michigan – weekends on the lakes, fall colors, snowy winters, light traffic, affordable homes, the bluest sky and fluffiest clouds, the art deco architecture, the music history, the sports (go University of Michigan Wolverines! Sugar Bowl Champions 2012!!) … I can keep on going.

Michigan summers on Lake St. Clair (image by R.S.S!)

Despite the many things that brought (and have kept) me here in the fine mitten state, I’ve recently found myself mourning the separation of my life and identity from my home state of California.

In a particularly rough moment of longing for “home” today, I decided to make a list of the things I miss most about the sunshine state if my youth. I admit most of these things aren’t exclusive to California (and most can be found/done here in Michigan). Anyways, back to the bittersweetness of memories…

Things I miss about California:

Golden sunshine
Orange sunsets mingled with pinks and purples

California Sunset (image via R.S.S!)

Rocky river banks
Abundant Avocados
Dog parks
Salty air
Foggy nights and mornings

Out of fog Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge a...
Image via Wikipedia

Dry heat
Biking year round
Brunching on patios
The sierra foothills
The stinky smell of eucalyptus
Mission style architecture
Driving with the windows down.

With that out of my system for now, I can focus on enjoying my new home here in Michigan and all of the good times and fun things I’ve discovered so far… and those I have yet to experience. Sometimes it is just nice to reminisce and let myself be a little homesick.



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