Fall Sundays

A sunday drive, Royal Oak, MI (Image by R.S.S!)

Here’s a little something for your sunday listening pleasure (and a reminder of what will come next):

There’s just something about Sundays. The at home time, trips to the coffee shop, big brunches, long walks …endless loads of laundry to be done…

And what’s better then just any old Sunday you ask? A beautiful, crisp and colorful Sunday in the fall.

Fall Colors Grand Haven, MI (Image by R.S.S!)

The leaves are falling outside, it’s definitely sweater weather now. Whether the plans are to stay cozy inside, or bundle up and head out, everything just seems a little more warm and fuzzy. So far this fall I’ve made two trips to the Franklin Cider Mill, and of course there are always plenty of football games to watch (Thank you Lions).

One of the most beautiful things about fall in Michigan is that the sky is so brilliantly blue much of the time, even as the trees start to take on deep reds and yellows. It’s breathtaking.

Grand Haven, MI Fall Break '09 (image by R.S.S!)
Fall is full of contrasts, Ann Arbor, MI (Image by R.S.S!)
Trees on Fire, Ann Arbor, MI (photo by R.S.S!)

So grab your cocoa, break out your fuzzy slippers, and lets have a toast to one of the most fabulous days of the week and the prettiest season. Cheers!

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