Ready, set, blog? Yeah…Blog.

Hi world! (Or just me)

I’m a chronic social media-poster, link sharing, blog loving young adult…. but the young part is starting to get de-emphasized.  I thought it would be fun to write about my transition from ye old mighty youth into my adult life, and post it all on the interwebs. Cause that seemed like a good idea.

Things this blog might be about:

  1. Sharing things I love in a place where my Facebook friends won’t hide me for over-posting
  2. The challenges, lessons, and successes that arrise  in transitioning from a stellar student to a ‘qualified professional’. Buahahahaha.
  3. Moving in with my beau and putting together the home we will love.
  4. Public health, wellness, health communications… it’s what I do.
  5. Learning how to cook something other then gluten-free rice pasta.
  6. Music. There most definitely will be music.
  7. Getting to know Michigan and missing Northern California.
  8. Pretty much anything.

Perhaps I’ll even find my voice and figure out a bit more about what I’d like this life to be in the process.

What better way to kick things off than with a good song?

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